NYK opens remote engine diagnostics centre

Japanese shipping company NYK has opened a new remote diagnostics centre in the Philippines, which will utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to support continuous monitoring and central management of the performance of the engine plants on NYK vessels.

The new centre, at the NYK FIL Maritime E-Training facility in Manila, will connect with approximately 200 NYK-operated vessels equipped with the company’s Ship Management Information Systems (SIMS) data infrastructure.

The AI platform will connect to the LiVE for Shipmanager operational monitoring system used by NYK to improve performance based on analysis of data collected by SIMS, to allow the company to monitor the operational status of onboard engine plants from shore.

NYK has already been working with its tech research subsidiary MTI on the development of anomaly detection systems for its engine plants, as well as a data quality management system (DQMS) that will allow its vessels to reduce fuel consumption and prevent major engine accidents through more efficient central monitoring.

At the new centre, the data-driven anomaly detection system will be expected to recognise anomalies in the operating condition of a ship’s engine plant and notify the marine engineers on staff, who can then use the information to investigate possible root causes and determine the accuracy and severity of the detected issue.

When the expert determines that further examination is needed, a list of the possible causes of the anomaly will be created and the ship management company will be contacted, along with any other involved parties. The vessel manager at the ship management company will then coordinate with the ship’s crew and advise them to carry out inspections and repairs when necessary.

NYK says that this ‘Expert-in-the-Loop’ system, linking marine engineers with AI support, will help to continuously improve the process by detecting false alarms generated by the AI, enhancing results and building a greater level of trust in the technology over time.

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