U-Ming to expand integration of voyage optimisation systems

Taiwanese shipping company U-Ming Marine has agreed an expanded partnership with StormGeo to implement a wider range of its digital fleet and voyage management systems on 33 vessels.

The new partnership combines U-Ming’s own systems with StormGeo’s FleetDSS and ECO Insight applications, a first step for U-Ming in a strategy to integrate its entire digital platform, having already been a user of StormGeo’s weather and route optimisation software, BonVoyage System (BVS).

The ship-to-shore fleet and voyage management applications connect to onboard systems to gather data and will be used to support shore-based U-Ming business units’ decision making when assessing fleet movements and operations.

“We are pleased to know that StormGeo’s ship-to-shore fleet and voyage management solutions will enable our fleet to continually visualise the location, movement, and speed of our vessels, optimising our overall voyage performance,” said Jeff Hsu, U-Ming Executive Vice-President.

“The enhanced visualisation and transparency enabled through this partnership will lead to more efficient and effective management of our fleet.”

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