Gen-6 application version launched by FUELTRAX

FUELTRAX has announced the release of the sixth-generation version of its vessel fuel optimisation application, adding new features to support customer operations.

The cloud-based FUELNET ‘GEN-6’ portal delivers ship consumption tracking reports with +/-0.15% accuracy, the company says, to provide decision support for vessel operators on a minute-by-minute basis. The software tools are backed by a remote troubleshooting service from FUELTRAX operatives in Houston.

New dashboards have been added to the latest release, to provide an instant overview of vessel and fleet performance, alongside interactive charts, graphs, plots and map views to highlight where fuel waste is being identified and to help eradicate pilferage attempts.

“The maritime industry remains hungry for new, smarter ways of working, especially due to the dynamic economy this year. So, we’re excited to continue leading improvements in remote monitoring for costly operations,” said Victoria Cantu, Director of Business Development, FUELTRAX.

“Eliminating fuel waste remains the key for reducing fleet operating costs, maintaining vessel uptime, and reaching zero-emissions targets for our users— and after the release of GEN-6, they will never need to operate the same ‘old’ way again.”

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