GTMaritime launches vessel file synchronisation system

GTMaritime has launched a new cloud-based tool to automate synchronisation of files and data between ship and shore relating to vessel operation, called GTReplicate.

Running on the company’s FastNet data transfer platform, the new system is optimised for use in a marine environment on typical vessel connectivity platforms including 3G, 4G, L-band and VSAT, maximising throughput in each case.

To conserve bandwidth during the transfer process, GTReplicate runs intelligent monitoring processes on relevant files and only sends those that have changed since the last replication.

The company says that there are no artificially imposed limits on the type or size of file that the service can handle, and that automated bi-directional transfer of selected files, folders, or entire folder structures can be performed, with multiple mechanisms for maintaining data integrity implemented in each case.

A central cloud-based dashboard is available for shore-based staff to configure and control how replication takes place, without having to involve onboard crew. Shore-side email can be used as both a replication source and target, while advanced system options include ship-specific task creation as well as pre- and post-transfer processing.

“Ship owners are now embracing digitalisation as a low-overhead route to improved operational efficiency, but the growing information flow poses challenges for manual processes in ship-to-shore data transfer,” said Mike McNally, Global Commercial Director at GTMaritime.

“GTMaritime created GTReplicate to provide a scalable, secure and highly configurable solution for automating file transfers and averting a data logjam.”

The system also includes notification, journaling, and reporting functions as standard for data auditing purposes, ranging from basic timestamping to granular detail on execution status and files moved.

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