Millenia Maritime adds new Navarino VSAT service on chemical tanker

Millenia Maritime in Greece has completed the installation of Navarino’s new Prodigy Ku-band VSAT service on one of its vessels, with implementation carried out on the chemical tanker Futura in Piraeus port at the end of 2020.

Six of Millenia Maritime’s seven-vessel fleet are already using Navarino’s Ka-band Fleet Xpress VSAT service from Inmarsat, but the tanker company has decided to switch for this final ship in the group to test out the alternative system.

Prodigy is a hybrid service combining Ku-band VSAT connectivity via Intelsat’s FlexMaritime network, delivered over a 1m Intellian antenna, complemented by Iridium Certus L-band communications where required.

The tanker operator has been using the newly installed service to run file sync applications and smart relays connecting vessel PCs to the main business network. For the crew of the Futura, Millenia offers 50 MB data PINs for managed internet access, though these are expected to be replaced by time quota-limited data PINs in the near future.

“Until now, everything has been stable. We had some opportunities to make some calls and already we see that call quality is amongst the clearest we have experienced,” said Ioannis Rizos, IT Manager at Millenia Maritime.

“The connection has been stable, especially when we want to connect to the PC and provide remote assistance.”

Millenia Maritime has also installed Navarino’s Spectrum network management system alongside the new connectivity package, to provide real time centralised health monitoring of the ship’s IT and OT infrastructure.

“Spectrum is a very well-designed tool which is especially useful for when we need to show vessel inspectors the onboard OT inventory. This is a big plus of the Spectrum service as these inspections are a TMSA requirement which Spectrum allows us to comply with in a very easy to access, presentable format,” added Mr Rizos.

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