Port of Antwerp digitalises container release process

Port of Antwerp has announced the launch of a new digital Certified Pick up system for the release of containers, due to come into effect from January 1st, 2021 to replace the current PIN code process.

To pick up a container at a terminal in the port, a unique PIN code is currently required. However, the Port notes that the time between providing the PIN code to the shipping company and the driver entering the code at the terminal can be considerable, and it may be seen by various parties.

To improve this procedure, Certified Pick up (CPu) will provide a neutral, central data platform to connect stakeholders involved in the container import process. The platform receives and processes container information to generate an encrypted digital key for the eventual carrier to use to pick up the container, which is only created when the final carrier is known.

This will significantly reduce the time between the creation of the digital key and the collection of the container compared with current methods, and will provide a tracing system to identify which parties were involved.

In the longer term, Port of Antwerp hopes that CPu will eventually allow digital keys to be eliminated completely, in favour of an identity-based security process with fingerprints or eye scans.

“This is a story of co-creation with the aim of marketing the Port of Antwerp even better as a high-performance digital port. We set up a port-wide consultation structure, which monitors the project and adjusts it if necessary,” said Port of Antwerp CEO Jacques Vandermeiren.

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