Network detection and response system launched by Port-IT

Netherlands-based maritime cyber company Port-IT has introduced a new Network detection and response (NDR) system designed specifically for the shipping industry and the defence of vessel networks.

NDR aims to detect and prevent malicious network activity, and to launch follow up investigation and forensic analysis processes to determine root cause before actioning response and mitigation measures.

Port-IT says that the technology can provide organisations with greater visibility into what data is stored on their networks as well as all activity that is occurring, to support security teams trying to identify and stop suspicious network activity.

The new NDR service silently monitors the vessel’s network, watching for malicious events or suspicious traffic, even between internally deployed devices such as the VDR and a guest PC. Once target traffic is detected the system will deploy forensics, mitigate the issue and inform the Port-IT Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

The detection service employs a combination of artificial intelligence, machine learning and user-defined policies, and applies Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) that monitors both the network perimeter and all traffic within the network. This includes BYOD and IoT devices, helping to detect advanced unknown attacks that may be missed using other methods.

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