Onboard applications to optimise operations for SNS Pool project

Netherlands-based maritime start-up Onboard has agreed a deal with logistics facilitator Peterson that will see Onboard’s Fuel Efficiency and Digital Logbook applications used to provide supply chain support for the Southern North Sea Pool (SNS Pool) project.

The SNS Pool is an integrated fourth-party logistics arrangement (4-PL) where nine NOGEPA (Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association) operators, including energy major Shell, outsource their combined marine requirements to Peterson, an initiative dating back to 1993 which has expanded several times over the last quarter century.

Under the new deal, Peterson will deploy the Onboard platform to aggregate data from people, systems, and sensors across the group to improve decision making, while simultaneously reducing manual work for crews.

The Digital Logbook will be used to standardise required entries across vessels, allowing fleet data to be shared with onshore staff, while the Fuel Efficiency system directly interfaces with engines or fuel measurement sensors and collects data to measure fuel consumption, vessel position, distance travelled and speed.

Peterson can use this fuel data to set consumption targets per vessel, per voyage, and per crew, with progress trackable in real time.

“With big projects such as SNS Pool there is a lot of hidden potential to optimise operations, but normally it is impossible due to siloed equipment and a lack of visibility of data,” said Reinier Dick, Peterson.

“But working with Onboard changes all that. We have connected aggregated data across three vessels, and quickly discovered multiple ways to optimise operations and offer greater value to our clients.”

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