StormGeo launches voyage optimisation application package

StormGeo has launched a new package of voyage management and optimisation software services under the name s-Suite, available as a combined system or as individual modules.

The new offering includes three modules, s-Planner, s-Insight and s-Routing, which include tools for voyage planning, onboard route optimisation, route advisory services and fleet performance management.

The aim of the overall system is to provide a single optimised workflow where ship and shore have a common operational platform to support cooperative decision making based on real-time data sharing.

“s-Suite’s complete solution gives our clients the advantage of improved efficiency and collaboration by connecting ship and shore, ensuring faster decisions so vessels save time and fuel while maximising the vessel’s performance,” said Kim Sørensen, StormGeo Chief Operating Officer for Shipping.

“This solution is for shipping companies of all sizes, enabling them to reduce fuel costs and emissions with simple, easy to use tools that can be installed overnight. The s-Suite is supported by maritime experts in our Fleet Performance Centers, so clients can benefit from real-time advice, data accuracy and in-depth analysis, ensuring optimal vessel performance.”

s-Planner integrates voyage planning, route optimisation, as well as charts and publications management, with information shared in shore-based modules. s-Insight offers fleet performance management, covering commercial, technical, and environmental performance, with data collected by the system supplemented by human support from StormGeo’s Fleet Performance Centers to provide fuel-saving recommendations and assistance.

s-Routing also combines human support and data analytics to advise on the optimal route for vessel voyages.

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