Logimatic integrates OMEGA system with SERTICA

Maritime software house Logimatic has announced that it will add the OMEGA payroll and crew management software developed by fellow Danish company Soft-Team to the Logimatic product portfolio.

OMEGA is a crew management system designed to assist in the performance of crewing and payroll department tasks. The software can be customised based on the types of wage agreements and vessel types in operation at the user company, and can be used both on shore and onboard vessels. 

“We have had a close relationship with Logimatic for many years and collaborated on several projects when a shipping company needs both crewing and fleet management software,” said Jan Hornstrup, Managing Director at Soft-Team.

The companies note that they have already integrated OMEGA and Logimatic’s SERTICA application for several shipping company customers and will look to enhance the capabilities of the integrated systems further as the partnership progresses.

“I experience that more shipping companies look for one supplier, who can supply both a crewing and a fleet management software, which makes perfect sense because then they only need to go through one buying process. Therefore, I also believe that this alliance with Soft-Team will be well received by both our existing and new customers,” said Hans C. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic.

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