North Sea terminal Bremerhaven to pilot Portchain AI-powered berthing optimisation

North Sea terminal Bremerhaven (NTB), one of the largest transshipment hubs in Northern Europe, is set to begin a pilot programme with Portchain, a provider of AI-powered berth and schedule management for container terminals and carriers.

The deployment will see NTB implement Portchain’s berth optimisation technology as part of an ongoing programme to digitalise operations and improve safety and efficiency at the facility.

The Berth Optimization Engine will be used to plan the berthing of vessels using AI-powered algorithms and enable sharing of berthing information in real-time within the terminal and with customers.

Copenhagen-based Portchain says that the artificial intelligence system requires less than 90 seconds to consider all possible planning options and recommend an optimal course of action based on the specific circumstances of the terminal.

NTB currently handles more than 3 million TEUs per year, facilitates over 2,000 reefer connections and connects Bremerhaven in Germany with more than 130 ports worldwide.

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