GreenSteam and i4 Insight partner to integrate machine learning into fuel reduction platform

GreenSteam, a provider of vessel-based machine learning systems to improve vessel performance, has announced a new partnership with i4 Insight, a data-drive fuel reduction software company and member of the Lloyd’s Register Group.

The i4 Insight Platform provides users with information on performance and fuel consumption across all ships in their fleet.

The companies say that the addition of GreenSteam’s advanced machine learning technology to that system will create a more accurate picture of the leading contributors to excessive fuel consumption, as well as access to actionable recommendations on how to optimise fleet performance.

“An in-depth, data-driven approach to understanding and acting on fuel consumption has never been more necessary for the industry. GreenSteam’s machine learning technology uses real ship performance data to provide owners and operators with actionable advice,” said Shaun Gray, Executive Chairman of GreenSteam.

“Unlike traditional analytic approaches that fail to use and model 90% of performance data, by using machine learning GreenSteam includes all ship performance data in its models to deliver insights other standard methodologies just cannot see.”

“GreenSteam’s partnership with i4 Insight hands the shipping industry the tools it needs to make truly informed decisions about fuel consumption. It will support owners in optimising vessel operations while also delivering on emissions targets.”

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