Maritime Informatics book explores digital technology in shipping

A new book on the emerging field of Maritime Informatics, examining the role of digital technology in the ongoing evolution of the shipping and supply chain ecosystem, has been published by Springer, including contributions from industry professionals in 20 countries.

The new book has been edited by Mikael Lind of the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Michalis Michaelides from the Cyprus University of Technology, former International Hydrographic Organisation Secretary-General Robert Ward, and University of Georgia Professor Richard Watson, and draws on their experiences participating in EU-funded research projects over the last six years to improve the shipping industry.

The book’s chapters are co-authored by 81 academics and leading maritime technology figures from across the globe, exploring their views on the emerging discipline of Maritime Informatics, which the editors define as the ‘study of the application of information systems to increasing the efficiency, safety, and ecological sustainability of the world’s shipping industry’.

The publication examines topics like competition and collaboration between shipping companies, as well as their integration with the wider network of interconnected companies that serve shipping needs, such as ports and terminals. Practical examples contributed by experts working in the industry at present are included to put theoretical discussions in context.

“Shipping is global, digitalisation enables global connectivity, and there are numerous opportunities coming out of digitally gluing the many actors engaged in the maritime transport chains together,” says editor Mikael Lind, Associate Professor at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and Chalmers University of Technology.

“By the discipline of Maritime Informatics, we can now join forces in securing a sustainable world.”

A related website featuring a collection of quotes from industry stakeholders on the value of digital technologies to the sector, as well as other articles and resources, has been established for those interested in pursuing the subject further, at

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