2 Mbps L-band service launched by IEC Telecom

IEC Telecom has partnered with satellite operator Thuraya to launch a new satcom service called Orion Edge V, which it says will offer bandwidth speeds up to 2 Mbps over the Thuraya L-band network.

The new service is an upgrade on IEC Telecom’s Orion Edge+ service launched last year and will be offered with access to a cloud-based system linking to a range of value-added comms services on IEC Telecom’s application store, including telemedicine, videoconferencing, and remote maintenance.

Orion Edge V incorporates IEC Telecom’s OneGate system into the pre-existing Orion Edge package to make additional services available via a virtual platform, allowing for remote monitoring and control of onboard networks across all vessels in a fleet.

“Today we are experiencing a significantly higher demand for digital solutions in light of the new IMO regulations, which come into effect in January 2021 and require vessel operators to ensure the onboard cyber security of connected ships. I am delighted to announce that this level of virtualised digital connectivity, incorporating advanced cyber security features, is now available to smaller vessels,” said Nabil Ben Soussia, CEO Asia, Middle East & CIS, IEC Telecom Group.

“For small ships, such as offshore support vessels, it is important to remain within tight budgetary requirements. This agile product gives you the confidence to be in control of costs while benefiting from all that is possible through digital communications now and for years to come.”

“To support this market, IEC Telecom and Thuraya offer Orion Edge V with flexible tariff plans and an option of free hardware for project-based subscriptions, enabling fleet managers to get their vessel connected with zero capital investment in a short span of time.”

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