Chinsay and Voyager Portal integrate applications through API team-up

Freight software company Chinsay has partnered with Voyager Portal, an application platform for managing marine supply chains, to create a new API that will allow users to integrate data across different processes using the two software packages.

The API will connect clients’ front-, middle-, and back-offices to support straight-through data processing, while also improving interoperability with other adjacent software.

The platform combines Chinsay’s ICP (Intelligent Contract Platform), used to capture and structure data for reuse in reporting and automation, with Voyager’s low-code workflow modeller featuring integrated inventory and vessel schedule monitoring.

The new partners say that the API collaboration should allow users to eliminate manual processes such as e-mail communication, rekeying of data and physically signing documents, and will offer better accuracy by having fully-validated data as well as completely automating Charter Party and Recap creation.

“This partnership marks an important step forward for the freight industry’s automation and innovation,” said Colin Hayward, CEO of Chinsay.

“We are jointly offering the market a new way of doing business, bringing end-to-end transparency and efficiency, with a much-needed significant increase in productivity and the ability to capture data through all stages, from negotiation to vessel discharge.”

“This is a unique offering in the sector and I am confident it will benefit many companies, especially at a time when automation and digitalisation are vital for the industry.”

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