North Sea Shipping to apply machine learning to shipboard equipment monitoring

North Sea Shipping has signed a five-year deal with MacGregor to implement its OnWatch Scout Predict service on the vessel North Sea Giant, a system that uses machine learning models to detect potential problems with onboard cranes over time so they can be addressed before they occur.

The system can also be used guide technical crews through troubleshooting measures and onboard repairs whilst the ship remains in operation. The OnWatch team will start installation and testing on the North Sea Giant in Norway during December this year, with the aim of completing the implementation in January 2021.

“It’s all about capacity and operational uptime 24/7, and this technology will make a difference both for our clients and crew. We are very much looking forward to starting up in January 2021,” said Henning Revne, Technical Manager at North Sea Shipping.

North Sea Giant, a subsea construction vessel, is equipped with two MacGregor Active Heave Compensated (AHC) offshore cranes and operates in the North Sea.

“We are very pleased that our strong relationship with North Sea Shipping and their continuing trust in MacGregor’s service support capabilities has resulted in this OnWatch Scout agreement, which will further assist in optimising their daily operations,” said John Carnall, Senior Vice President, Global Services Division, MacGregor.

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