CBO installs fuel monitoring system on platform supply vessel

Brazilian offshore support vessel operator CBO has installed the FUELTRAX Electronic Fuel Monitoring System (EFMS) on its Platform Supply Vessel CBO Anna Gabriella, to improve operational efficiency on board.

CBO operates a fleet of 32 offshore support vessels in the main Brazilian oil basins and the North Sea. The CBO Anna Gabriella was first delivered to CBO in 2006 and commenced work for Petrobras.

The FUELTRAX EFMS will provide visibility into vessel activities and fuel costs from direct measurement of fuel consumption, which will be combined with independent vessel tracking and shore-based data delivery for wider analysis via the FUELNET web portal.

The software will also be used to increase fleet utilisation with live updates of vessel location, vessel activities, and reporting history.

“The installation of FUELTRAX system onboard our vessels will allow not only CBO but also our clients an accurate and real-time monitoring of fuel consumption and transfers,” said Eduardo Marquez, CBO Technical Manager.

“This is the first of many systems to be installed in our fleet, and this will bring additional transparency to our operations and work as a valuable tool for supporting fuel consumption reduction, in line with our ESG policy and providing additional value to our clients.”

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