BW Group and Miros partner to launch vessel optimisation joint venture

Shipping company BW Group has partnered with radar and ocean data firm Miros to launch a new joint venture called Miros Mocean after a year of development, which will aim to offer vessel performance optimisation technology to the maritime industry.

The Miros Mocean platform integrates real-time, in-service vessel data on fuel oil consumption and main engine power with local wave and weather parameters, providing a live overview of vessel performance in measured, rather than derived, conditions. This includes wave and current measurements derived from sea-clutter analysis carried out using X-band navigation radars.

The technology can be used by itself or integrated into third party vessel performance systems to improve accuracy, the companies note.

“To be able to understand if an investment is truly optimising the performance of your vessel, you need to account for weather,” said Christian Bonfils, Managing Director, BW Dry Cargo.

“The technology Miros Mocean introduces is what we at BW Group had been looking for. It gives access to accurate speed through water and weather data at the precise ship location and combined with fuel flow and main engine power meters we can quantify fuel savings of up to 10% on a single voyage.”

“It has also helped to change the legal contracts to actual performance instead of warranties, setting the standard for the future of this industry.”

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