On-demand IPTV for deep-sea vessels launched by BazePort

BazePort, a provider of entertainment systems to the cruise, offshore and hospitality sectors based in Norway, has launched a new on-demand IPTV service for movies, news and information, designed for use on deep-sea merchant vessels.

The BazePort Seea service provides what the company calls a “Netflix experience”, capable of running offline to remove dependence on vessel bandwidth. The system includes thousands of hours of TV and movie content as well as broadcasts from news providers like BBC, CNN, Euronews and TV Patrol. RSS news and Podcasts are also available through the service.

The package additionally comes with an included set-top box to allow crews to socialise while watching a movie or the news together on any onboard TV set, BazePort notes. 

The company says that it already has some 8,500 users of its services in the offshore, OSV and ferry segments worldwide for on-demand content delivery, which it hopes to build on with this new bespoke service for the deep-sea fleet. 

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