Yxney joins Kongsberg’s Kognifai

Energy efficiency technology provider Yxney has linked up with Kongsberg Digital to make its application available for Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight users on the Kognifai Marketplace.

Yxney’s Maress digital management system is used to establish a unique baseline for each vessel in a fleet, based on historic performance for every activity on board. This baseline, teamed with real-time data from the operations of each vessel and the entire fleet, enables Maress to analyse the impact of energy saving initiatives and programmes so that the most effective options can be chosen.

“We are very excited to partner up with Yxney,” said Eirik Næsje, Senior Vice President of Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital.

“The concept of Yxney brilliantly challenges the dichotomy between reducing environmental footprint and cutting costs, and offers a service that’s been highly called for in the industry. We can now offer our subscribers a powerful tool to improve their understanding of vessel energy consumption and to capitalise on operational data.”

“With the driving forces towards meeting IMO2030, IMO2050 and continuously stricter regulations, it is a much-needed application that will increase the business value of Vessel Insight for its users.”

Vessel Insight is Kongsberg’s SaaS-based vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure system, used to capture and aggregate data so it can be accessed on a fleet or vessel-specific level, backed by data analysis tools. Through the Kognifai Marketplace, users have access to a range of applications and services integrated with their collected data.

Yxney has also recently partnered with Inmarsat to become a Fleet Data certified application provider (CAP), to make its application available to users of that data collection infrastructure product.

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