Navarino to offer vessel IT infrastructure outsourcing service

Navarino has introduced a new service offering to take over the management of customers’ shipboard ICT infrastructure, including delivery, maintenance and support of vessel IT hardware and software systems.

The Quazar ‘IT-as-a-service’ outsourcing concept removes the need for capital expenditure on hardware or software, the company says, replacing it with hardware leasing, software licensing, and support fees that are included in one monthly payment.

The Quazar product also covers the implementation of security policies to safeguard the ship’s digital infrastructure and devices, to make systems more robust against cyber-attacks while complying with regulations.

In addition, Navarino says that it will assign a personal IT manager to each fleet that will be responsible for the maintenance of the vessels’ IT infrastructure and the implementation of any service or support requests from the ship operator.

Services will be delivered through partnerships already agreed with industrial technology providers like Microsoft, Dell, ConnectWise and Canon, allowing the economies of scale of bulk purchasing agreements to be shared with ship operators, compared with the higher costs of buying or licensing systems on an individual basis.

“In an increasingly digitised maritime environment, shipping companies are working hard to comply with new regulations, optimise operations in order to remain competitive, reduce costs, and create efficiencies on new levels,” said Navarino CEO Dimitris Tsikopoulos.

“Moreover, with a vastly increased number of solutions, technological developments, regulations and requirements, IT managers face a heavy burden ensuring that their shipping companies can keep pace with digitalisation, often with limited resources to do so.”

“Our Quazar service is designed to lighten this load on IT managers and help ship operators enjoy the benefits of digitalisation without worrying about the time involved in rolling out and supporting advanced ICT projects on their fleets. Furthermore, Quazar offers all this to our customers at a much lower cost than can be found anywhere else on the market – so by combining cost optimisation with a fully supported, advanced ICT network for maritime, I believe that Quazar is a very appealing proposition for ship operators.”

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