Chord X launches vessel data analytics platform

Maritime data analytics start-up Chord X has unveiled its new applications for the shipping industry, engineX and harmoniX, at a launch event in Singapore.

engineX integrates directly with a ship’s main engine, and is able to acquire more than 70,000 data points per second. This granular and structured data is then analysed and converted into actionable insights to support proactive decision making in engine operation and maintenance.

harmoniX is the shore based application provided by the company, which links with shipboard systems and collects data in the cloud for fleet-wide analytics, allowing teams on land to monitor performance at sea.

The new systems were developed after Chord X conducted more than 300 interviews with stakeholders across the maritime sector to identify the most pressing issues facing vessel operators, with the feedback overwhelmingly pointing to optimisation of the ship’s main engine.

Respondents noted that, despite the labour intensive efforts currently being carried out to collect and record data from vessels that data is still difficult to analyse because it is mostly unstructured and inconsistent. This also means that a lot of engine maintenance and repair work is carried out based on subjective judgement, potentially leading to inefficiencies or unplanned downtime.

To widen its data analytics capabilities Chord X says that it has also created APIs to link its new data collection platform with other third party software systems, to allow vessel data to easily be integrated with those applications and broaden the scope of analysis available.

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