Weathernews to launch anti-grounding service

Weathernews has developed a new NAR (Navigation Assessment & Routing) Service for the shipping industry, to assist vessel operators in preventing grounding incidents through data analysis.

The system, which will be available from May 2021, automatically detects and sends out notifications to shoreside operators, managers and related organisations if elevated risks of a ship grounding are detected.

Alerts are based on shipping route data assessments when a vessel is planned to enter or is actually approaching a high-risk area, like shallow waters or areas with fishing fleets, or when it drifts from a planned route.

The software combines data such as the ship’s passage plan, weather and oceanographic data such as winds, ocean currents and waves, with navigation data including ship position information updated every 2 minutes. Navigational charts, navigational hazards and warnings, and Weathernews’ own grounding risk area database are all integrated to calculate drift from the passage plan and the possibility of grounding accidents occurring in advance.

Weathernews says that future updates to the service will include notifications for risks such as anchor dragging due to strong winds caused by the approach of tropical cyclones, and hull rocking during stormy weather. In addition, an expansion of scope to cover countermeasures against various passage risks is also planned for later versions.

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