Danelec eService Platform for VDR maintenance goes live

Danelec reports that its eService Platform for optimisation of VDR operations and maintenance has now gone live, to provide users with greater visibility of issues relating to VDR Installation Performance Tests (IPT) and Annual Performance Tests (APT).

When logged in, the registered owner, operator or manager of a vessel will be presented with an overview of the status of APTs and will be able to see which VDRs are due to be tested so they can plan accordingly for re-certification.

The eService Platform also automates some aspects of the VDR testing process, including automatic notification by email when a new IPT or APT has been submitted for review. The user can check the status of the review process and download the IPT and APT certificates once released.

Danelec says that it aims to continue adding new VDR maintenance and testing features in the near future, and hopes to shortly release improved remote access capabilities using a system under development with TeamViewer.

That technology is due to be released later this year and has already been trialled by customers including Cypriot ship management company Interorient.

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