Danelec Marine connects shipboard data to ioCurrents platform

Danelec Marine has announced a new partnership with vessel AI analytics company ioCurrents to assist vessel operators collecting data using the DanelecConnect cloud-based infrastructure to apply that information in improving operational performance.

Danelec Marine is a supplier of operational technology including Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and ECDIS, which can be integrated for data collection using its DanelecConnect service. ioCurrents uses machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to map the data gathered from onboard sensors and monitor the performance of engines, generators, fluid levels and other critical equipment.

This live data is presented through its MarineInsight platform, which compares real-time performance against equipment manufacturers’ optimal operating parameters. The system also automates manual reports for compliance requirements, as well as tracking and recommending potential efficiency gains across a company’s operations.

“Everyone at ioCurrents is thrilled to partner with Danelec Marine, as this enables the industry to start taking action on the immense amounts of available data that, until now, has been cumbersome to navigate,” said Jon Best, Director of Business Development for ioCurrents.

“ioCurrents believes in enabling you to do more: reduce time on manual tracking and reporting, build better maintenance plans, save money on voyages; and all of this hinges on your vessel’s behaviours. Danelec collects that data today, and ioCurrents can turn that into actionable answer sets; it is a great partnership.”

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