Furetank chemical tanker granted ‘smart ship’ status by Bureau Veritas

Classification society Bureau Veritas (BV) reports that it has, for the first time, assigned its complete range of ‘smart ship’ class notations to vessel, the Furetank chemical tanker FURE VINGA.

The 17,997 dwt tanker was designed by the Swedish engineering company FKAB and built by China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou) Dingheng. The vessel is operating in the Swedish Gothia Tanker Alliance fleet.

FURE VINGA has been equipped with smart systems to monitor the ship’s hull condition (H), as well as integrated machinery (M) and navigation (N) systems. As a result, the vessel is in compliance with all of BV’s tier 1 requirements included in its January 2021 Rule Note Additional Service Feature SMART (NR675), and has been granted SMART (H1, M1, N1) status.

The associated requirements have been specifically developed by BV to set a benchmark for the design and operation of smart systems on board ships, covering both hardware and software, and includes on-board system and integration testing.

The chemical tanker has been built with optimised hull lines and is fitted with a ducted propeller, as well as being equipped with a dual fuel engine capable of burning both liquid natural gas (LNG) and liquid bio-gas (LBG). A UPS battery pack is available for hybrid operation to further lower fuel consumption and prevent black outs, BV notes.

Onboard digital systems have also been integrated to support the collection, transmission, analysis and visualisation of performance data, to support crew decision-making in optimising operations and maintenance.

“We always have safety, quality and environmental care as our main priorities. This is why we equip our new vessels with the latest technology in order to be able to deliver the best possible performance to our clients,” said Lars Höglund, Managing Director for Furetank.

“Our new generation of intermediate sized oil and chemical tankers get us to the next level in terms of on-board system integration. We are happy to work with Bureau Veritas as they support innovative solutions with relevant classification notations and technical requirements, which set new standards in our industry.”

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