Elbana upgrades asset management software for tanker fleet

Elbana di Navigazione, an Italian shipping company based in Tuscany, is to upgrade its technology systems with a migration of all of its ships and offices to a new version of the InfoSHIP Asset application from maritime software company IB.

IB and Elbana have an existing relationship stretching back some 10 years, when the shipping company first adopted InfoSHIP to manage life cycle and procurement process for its fleet of five chemical tankers.

The upgrade to the new version of the InfoSHIP Asset system represents an evolution of the Planned Maintenance System processes implemented by Elbana over the last decade, as the company looks to complete a digital overhaul of its operations.

The tanker operator has also adopted the InfoSHIP Quality system to manage its audit and inspection procedures and to handle certificates and documentation at the corporate level.

“The company’s vision is to be a leader in the ship management industry, by promoting its safety culture and utilising new technologies consistent with its strategic goals and by realising maximum efficiency through superior management,” said Fabrizio Freschi, Managing Director of Elbana.

“Safety is at the core of everything we do at Elbana di Navigazione. We ensure and guarantee the safest working conditions to all people involved in vessel operations. We pursue a zero injury and zero incident policy on board and ashore.”

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