PSACC to implement SERTICA on 19 vessels

Shipping company Philippine Span Asia Carrier Corp (PSACC) has begun a roll-out of the SERTICA fleet management software system from Logimatic on 19 vessels.

The applications will be used to digitalise and streamline internal processes and increase the level of transparency between departments at the vessel operator, linking procurement with safety and maintenance on the software platform.

“Today, our procurement flows are 100% paper based and we wish to eliminate manual processes to create more efficient and cost-effective workflows. In SERTICA we can digitalise the entire process from when the vessel sends a requisition to the spare part is received on board,” said Jordan Go, CEO at PSACC.

“I expect that this digital transformation will increase our productivity. The transparency across departments will make it easier for us to manage risks, ensure contract compliance, and achieve greater inventory control.”

The software will provide PSACC with an overview of expenses across its suppliers, allowing the company to track vendors and use supplier scorecards within the central system. This will allow purchasing managers to analyse procurement patterns to identify areas for cost reduction, such as by leveraging volume purchasing.

“Digitalising maintenance in SERTICA provides PSACC with a complete overview of all maintenance activities across the fleet. This will result in improved performance of the machinery by timely maintenance and reduce downtime,” said Rajesh Pillai, Business Development Manager at Logimatic.

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