Penang Port to apply AI to berth optimisation

Penang Port in Malaysia is to implement a Berth Optimization Engine system from Artificial Intelligence tech developer Portchain, with the aim of optimising berth allocation and allowing customers to monitor berth status in real time.

Portchain and Penang Port will partner in a strategic project to further improve berth planning at North Butterworth Container Terminal (NBCT) using the software to digitalise the planning process and optimise resource allocation.

The system will collect scheduling data and allow planning staff at the terminal to evaluate different scenarios in line with their particular KPIs, so they can quickly react to new customer information and select the most cost-effective plan.

The AI-driven software will simultaneously automate resource allocation for all vessels, to assist staff in finding the optimal plans to meet goals such as increasing capacity or reducing operational costs.

“Over the last years, we have significantly improved our performance and efficiency at North Butterworth Container Terminal. With Portchain, we can create the next step in data-driven decision making to further improve operational efficiency,” said Dato’ Sasedharan Vasudevan, CEO of Penang Port.

“We will also create more transparency and improve collaboration with customers and internal stakeholders by connecting them all to the Portchain platform with real-time information.”

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