BunkerPlanner added to Kongsberg’s Kognifai

Kongsberg Digital reports that it has signed a new partnership agreement with BunkerMetric to add the BunkerPlanner software application to the Kognifai Marketplace.

BunkerPlanner aims to support ship operators in making optimal bunker purchasing decisions by helping to choose ports, volume and fuel grade. BunkerMetric claims that users can expect cost savings of 2-4% on bunker operations by implementing the system, typically creating a return on investment within a few months of operation.

The software uses a range of relevant data sources, such as port call costs and the daily bunker market, to develop a specific bunker plan for each vessel based on calculations made from the contextualised data.

The calculations take into account business rules such as commingling of fuels on board, time charter costs vs. costs for speeding up when choosing bunker ports, quarantine constraints, congestion in bunker ports, barge costs and port call costs. A daily email communicates its recommendations to the fleet, showing vessels’ priority for bunkering, or the details can be accessed using a web interface.

“We are excited that the combination of wealth and accuracy of data from Kongsberg’s Vessel Insight and BunkerPlanner’s detailed calculations for bunker buyers will give direct and significant savings to our joint subscribers,” said Christian Plum, CEO, BunkerMetric.

“The complexities of buying and burning bunkers are ever growing, with new rules such as ECA Zones, 0.5% Sulphur limit and no-scrubber zones having come into force in the last few years. In the future we will see EEXI, CII and wider adoption of new fuel types.”

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