Sea Traffic Management to be tested in Croatian waters

The Croatian National Vessel Traffic Management & Information System (VTMIS) has been upgraded to introduce new functionality in line with the EU Sea Traffic Management (STM) programme, the first STM installation in the Adriatic Sea.

The new equipment, including a VTMIS STM server located in Rijeka, Croatia’s principal seaport, was delivered by Wärtsilä Voyage and will allow STM functionality to be tested throughout Croatian waters. The contract also covers equipment deliveries to vessels taking part in the tests, which will be upgraded to be able to interface with the STM system.

“We have provided solutions to improve the tracking and integration of targets, displaying of navigational and situational awareness in any areas of interest, a new generation of alarms and alerts in accordance with the set criteria and restrictions – all interfacing with the VTMIS Vessel Database,” said Filippo Menegato, Sales Manager, Wärtsilä Voyage.

STM is a concept developed by the Swedish Maritime Administration Mona Lisa project and endorsed by the European Commission, aiming to define a set of systems and procedures to guide and monitor sea traffic in a manner similar to air traffic management.

This includes an infrastructure for route optimisation services, ship-to-ship route exchange, enhanced monitoring, port call synchronisation and winter navigation.

By 2030 the project partners aim to have deployed the programme on a wide enough scale to deliver a 50% reduction in accidents, a 10% reduction in voyage costs, a 30% reduction in waiting times for berthing, and a 7% reduction in fuel consumption.

“STM is a new paradigm in maritime safety. In Croatia, it can now be used as a powerful tool for space and time management, traffic organisation, search and rescue, just-in-time port co-ordination, early detection and elimination of safety risks, analysis of maritime traffic data, with a huge future potential in management of hybrid traffic (SOLAS and non-SOLAS),” said Zdravko Seidel, Head of Maritime Traffic Safety Department, Croatian Maritime Administration.

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