METIS app to evaluate electrical port power benefits

METIS Cyberspace Technology has launched an Electrical Power Profile evaluation application, to examine the benefits of installing alternative electrical power sources to auxiliary engines for use during port operations as a vessel cost reduction measure.

The application offers a data-based evaluation for feasibility studies covering alternative electrical power sources. Calculations are based on data acquired automatically by vessel sensors, with the detection of the ship’s operational status captured by the algorithms already present in the METIS AI platform.   

“A statistical analysis can be generated based on electrical energy consumption distribution during each operational activity,” said Serafeim Katsikas, Chief Technical Officer, METIS.

“With this kind of analysis, a user could evaluate – for example – whether its operations within the port or ECA zone would be made more cost effective by installing a power pack.”

The software can measure, report and display energy and power consumption across any operational status in the user’s preferred format, taking into account additional data gathered subsequent to the installation of the METIS data analytics system.

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