AI-powered intelligent mooring system from SBM Offshore gets ABS approval

SBM Offshore’s artificial intelligence (AI) powered Intelligent Agent Mooring Line Integrity Tool has been granted a New Technology Qualification (NTQ) by classification society ABS, allowing the software to be integrated into offshore systems for the first time.

The tool collects data such as wind speed, FPSO heading, and GPS information and couples this with machine learning to provide the asset owner with continuous feedback on the integrity of their mooring system.

The technology has the ability to detect potential mooring line failure and location without reliance on a traditional tension monitoring system, the company says, thanks to the deeper level of analysis enabled by the application of AI techniques.

“This achievement is only one example of how SBM Offshore is using digitalisation to make meaningful shifts in offshore operations, making them safer, more reliable and more efficient,” said Oivind Tangen, SBM Offshore Managing Director, Operations.

“It is just the beginning of the application of machine learning in our offshore operations. We target the development of intelligent agents into areas where it is challenging to create value from operational data through traditional analytics.”

The tool was evaluated using the framework outlined in the ABS Guidance Notes on Qualifying New Technologies and the ABS Guide for Smart Functions for Marine Vessels and Offshore Units.

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