Tanger Alliance implements AI-powered berth optimisation

Tanger Alliance container terminal at Tanger Med in Morocco, a greenfield terminal that went live on 1 January, 2021, reports that it has completed the deployment of Portchain’s Berth Optimization Engine to optimise berth planning and allow customers to monitor berth status in real time.

Portchain’s Berth Optimization Engine is being used to digitise the planning process at the terminal and enable optimised resource allocation, assisting staff in evaluating different scenarios and KPIs to select the most effective plan and quickly respond to new customer information.

The AI-driven optimisation software also supports automation of resource allocation for all vessels, which can be done simultaneously across all visiting ships.

“We are proud to be a part of Tanger Alliance’s digitisation journey and to have supported them from terminal go-live,” said Thor Thorup, CCO of Portchain.

“We are excited to help Tanger Alliance realise their plans to optimise their operations and provide a better customer experience. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to pioneer new ways of creating value for terminal operators and carriers alike.”

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