Döhle Group upgrades connectivity on 100 vessels to further digital ambitions

Ship owner and manager Döhle Group has partnered with satcom service provider Navarino on a major technology and connectivity project that will see Inmarsat Fleet Xpress (FX) rolled out on more than 100 vessels, integrated with Navarino’s Infinity network management platform.

Intellian has been chosen as the antenna manufacturer for the project, with its NX series VSAT antennas to be deployed on the ships. The combined system will be implemented across several of Döhle Group’s managed fleets to improve their digital capabilities, with more than 90 vessels now installed.

“Inmarsat’s FX and Navarino’s Infinity were proven successful during sea trials. We decided to migrate our fleet because we needed a reliable and fast connectivity solution in order to meet the increased bandwidth demand, while at the same time allowing us to control our costs,” said Benjamin Weltz, Head of Fleet IT at Döhle Group.

“Furthermore, the solution helps us to provide a higher level of crew connectivity, allowing them to stay in touch with family and friends as if they were ashore.”

In related news, Navarino has also completed a range of updates to its Spectrum software package, which offers a centralised platform for remote monitoring, maintenance and management of a ship’s onboard IT and connectivity infrastructure.

New features include an Update Manager to automatically download and install new software versions or patches across shipboard computers, and a new tool for Risk Management reporting built around Bureau Veritas’ NR659 rules on Cyber Security for Maritime Units.

Customisable network usage functionality has also been added to Spectrum, allowing users to choose which connectivity network to use to download files and their preferred time, allowing downloads to be scheduled to use only the most cost-effective bandwidth option and ensuring traffic does not build up during busy times onboard to avoid disruption.

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