Seably joins with Moxoff to apply game theory to e-Learning platform

Online maritime training marketplace Seably has teamed up with Moxoff, an Italian-based consulting company specialising in the development of mathematical models, to implement a community-based revenue sharing model using a game theory approach.

Seably’s maritime digital training marketplace offers e-learning via mobile apps and other virtual training tools supplied by industry stakeholders. The company approached Moxoff to support its community of suppliers using its MathFusion technology, which combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data science with mathematical modelling to create a practical attribution model to manage revenue for Seably content providers.

Based on a game theory approach, the model aims to ensure that calculated revenue shares are always greater or equal to what the content provider would have earned by selling the courses privately.

Seably and Moxoff say they are also eager to extend the use of data modelling to learn from the anonymised data collated within the Seably platform to improve content, from usage and accessibility data to geolocations, topics and pricing.

“We initially approached Moxoff to help us develop a fair and transparent data-based model for revenue-sharing among our community of content providers. We now have a bespoke model that is exceeding our expectations,” said Andrea Lobodo, Seably CEO.

“Having seen the possibilities and opportunities emerging from our collaboration, we now also have plans to continue studying and working with the anonymised data within the marketplace. This will provide us with insights on training and development that will assist and inform our content providers, shipping companies, educators and training institutions, the wider maritime industry, as well as the IMO.”

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