Marlink launches application partner programme

Marlink has become the latest maritime tech company to launch an Application Partner Programme, working with selected software providers to provide a direct link to the data collected within Marlink customers’ shipboard networks.

With approximately 600 ships currently connected and available to be integrated under the new programme, Marlink aims to work with software providers to develop applications that are compatible with its network systems and can deliver value to vessel operators.

The company notes that it aims to integrate partner offerings in areas like e-navigation, e-learning, remote and predictive maintenance, data analytics and vessel performance, giving those partners access to technical platforms and resources like API toolkits and service monitoring dashboards to connect directly to a ship’s ICT framework, reducing the time and effort required to deploy applications.

“The Application Partner Programme creates an ecosystem of opportunities that will bring benefits to shipowners and vendors alike, since owners will enjoy faster access to the data and applications they need for more sustainable, efficient and secure voyages,” said Nicolas Furgé, President, Digital, Marlink.

“For vendors, the programme means a direct channel to the vessel with enhanced delivery of the products and services which their customers have selected.”

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