Navigazione Montanari extends Fleet Xpress to whole tanker fleet

Chemical and crude oil tanker owner Navigazione Montanari has agreed an extended satellite communications agreement with Inmarsat, a deal which will see the Fleet Xpress VSAT service deployed across its entire fleet.

The new agreement renews and extends Navmont’s use of Fleet Xpress services across 13 ships and covers the onboarding of five more tankers by the end of 2021. The contract also includes Fleet Secure Endpoint cyber security protection, Fleet Care preventative maintenance and support and Inmarsat’s Fleet Data IoT platform.

“We have chosen to expand the use of Fleet Xpress based on our experience of the hybrid Ka-band and L-band service across 13 ships, previously having used Ku-band services from another supplier on our other ships,” said Giovanni Campanelli, ICT Manager, Navigazione Montanari.

“Everything changed in the maritime market after Inmarsat launched Ka-band services four to five years ago. It has brought the stability, reliability and satellite availability we need to synchronise between ship and shoreside. The service also keeps crews connected to the internet as well as with friends and family at home. Ka-band also offers the throughput speeds to update software fleetwide as part of day-to-day operations.”

“The ability of Inmarsat’s Fleet Secure Endpoint to offer cyber protection and the reporting needed to support full compliance with IMO 2021 Safety Management System risk assessments for ships has been influential in the move to extend arrangements with Inmarsat. The solution protects all computers on board, isolates any issues so they can be resolved, provides a cyber security training dimension for crews and offers the reporting capability required by inspectors.”

Navmont will maintain separate bandwidth channels for vessel management and crew connectivity with the agreement offering the flexibility to adjust business data use on request. The company also becomes one of the first Inmarsat clients to adopt Fleet Care service maintenance support for Fleet Xpress, which replaces annual maintenance agreements with a service offering support from Inmarsat engineers at ports worldwide without incurring hourly charges.

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