ST Engineering iDirect updates systems to support higher throughput

ST Engineering iDirect reports that it is upgrading its Mx-DMA MRC return technology to support 300 Mbps on a single return channel, achieving over 1 Gbps of throughput when combined with 800 Mbps DVB-S2X on the outbound in VSAT mode.

Mx-DMA MRC shares the same capacity, multiplexing different terminals into one capacity pool and enabling service providers to mix high-throughput and very low data users on the same beam.

Satellite service provider Speedcast will be an early adopter of the new technology, which will enable the company to use a single return technology across its entire maritime network, particularly to provide extended performance to bandwidth-intensive customer sets, including those across the cruise sector.

The waveform offers a 100 Mega symbol rate per second (Msps), up from 25 Msps. The new symbol rate, or its bitrate conversion of 300 Mbps, creates three times as much throughput as before.

The newly extended performance is available on the MDM5010 VSAT modem.

“We are delighted that we are able to offer Speedcast a solution that enables it to meet the unique requirements of every customer profile with the best possible connectivity experience, assured availability and reliability,” said Sean Yarborough, VP of Product Management at ST Engineering iDirect.

“It’s the ultimate in scalable return technology.”

Introduced to the market in 2020, Mx-DMA MRC is a return link technology that combines elements of MF-TDMA (ideal for bursty traffic and higher contention services) and SCPC (more applicable to dedicated higher data and video rate return links) into a single return technology suited to an expanded set of applications.

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