Windward Online Portal for vessel data launched

Maritime analytics firm Windward has launched the Windward Online Portal, providing on-demand access to industry data for shipowners and other maritime stakeholders, including an alert system, bill of lading (B/L) verification, credit checks, and compliance certificates.

The company says that the portal will help companies in assessing risks associated with their vessels and the vessels of potential business partners, as well as any maritime business activity, enabling them to vet business opportunities and ships. The information can be used for risk and compliance management, and to conduct credit checks and B/L verification as required.

Shipowners can sign up for a subscription-based alert system that notifies them when a vessel in their fleet changes compliance status or is flagged for suspicious behaviour, enabling them to actively monitor the status of their vessels and take action when a ship’s risk status changes. This could help to avoid missing out on a chartering deal, for example.

Shipowners and counter parties can also purchase one-off vessel compliance certificates through the portal to demonstrate to potential business partners that a vessel isn’t exposed to any sanctions violations, as well as documenting vessel ownership and management structures. In the coming months carbon emissions certificates will also be added to the portal.

“Innovation doesn’t just come in the form of technology, but also in the form of business services and business models,” said Ami Daniel, Co-Founder and CEO of Windward.

“Our customers and prospects have been asking for even more data-driven services and we’re proud to be launching this on-demand online service which will level the playing field for thousands of organisations. Now Windward’s insights are available to any company in the maritime industry enabling them to ensure compliance and conduct business with confidence.”

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