1979 container ship gets digital makeover

Høglund, in partnership with COSCO Shipyard Group, has been awarded a contract to deliver a range of performance monitoring systems for a complete retrofit of the 1979-built 2,400 TEU container ship Horizon Reliance.

The vessel’s new integrated systems set-up will include the installation of a Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS), Power Management System (PMS), Ship Performance Monitor (SPM) and digital systems for data collection, as well as the full automation of all the new systems on board the ship.

The new integrated automation system will support the vessel’s transition from steam propulsion power to becoming a dual-fuel vessel. The PMS will ensure that the generators on board function as efficiently as possible, while the SPM will enable the analysis of power usage for optimisation.

The new digital systems will allow the owner to access performance and operational data from all the systems on board the vessel for decision support, to improve the vessel’s management and environmental performance, and prolong its life.

“The commission on the Horizon Reliance is a very special project that we are looking forward to embark on with our partners at COSCO Shipyard Group,” said David Gunaseelan, VP Sales & Marketing at Høglund Marine Solutions.

“The work that we will conduct on the vessel will result in safer and more reliable ship operations and will boost the vessel’s sustainability credentials. It’s very rewarding to contribute to expanding the lifespan of a vessel that has cruised the ocean for such long time and realise we can make systems work no matter the age or condition of the vessel.”

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