Weathernews updates monitoring service with real-time CO2 data

Weathernews has launched an upgraded version of its CIM (Carbon Intensity Monitoring) Service, which provides visualisation of the CO2 emissions of vessels to allow owners and charterers to better manage or choose ships based on their environmental performance.

First introduced in April, the CIM Service is now being upgraded to enable real time measurements of CO2 emissions during voyages and has added a function where the environmental performance can be evaluated based on CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and the distance sailed.

The service rates the environmental performance for each voyage on a five-point scale based on emissions, consumption, sailing distance, and other actual voyage data.

Since the initial launch of the service earlier this year, Weathernews says that it has been collecting CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, and other data for each vessel, and is providing the accumulated data to ship owners and ship management companies after every voyage through APIs or by other data exchange mechanisms. The CIM service can be linked to existing systems, including corporate navigation management systems, using those APIs or through direct data upload.

Going forward, Weathernews intends to add a function to its OSR (Optimum Ship Routeing) Service by the end of 2022 that supports the selection of optimum routes with reference to emissions levels. OSR is a routing service that calculates optimum route and engine speed based on ship parameters that can be shared with the captain of the vessel and the shore-side operator.

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