Speedcast launches satellite optimised video streaming system

Speedcast has introduced a new satellite optimised remote video and audio system for maritime and other markets, to support improved remote access and collaboration over its network.

Speedcast SmartView will be powered by Harvest Technology Group’s ultra-low bandwidth Network Optimised Livestreaming technology, allowing video and audio to be streamed in real-time via satellite using a fraction of the bandwidth previously required.

Available in multiple formats, Speedcast expects the system to be utilised by companies to conduct remote inspections and repairs, run remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for subsea inspections and research, access remote sites for monitoring, and link with wearable devices.

“Video collaboration technologies can significantly improve operations in the field and in subsea,” said Jeffrey Irwin, Vice President, Product Management at Speedcast.

“Speedcast SmartView’s unique proposition is its ability to deliver high-quality video and audio content over satellite connection. When an ROV, staff or crew member is conducting work at a remote site, the ideal scenario of minimal delays, little-to-no operational wait times, and seamless collaboration enables effective, real-time decision-making.”

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