NAVTOR to integrate Risk Intelligence data into e-Navigation products

Navigation technology company NAVTOR has signed an agreement with Risk Intelligence to incorporate its security risk data into NAVTOR products, the companies have announced.

“We’re delighted to be working with NAVTOR, a fellow global business who shares our roots in the Nordics,” said Jim Pascoe, Chief Commercial Officer of Risk Intelligence.

“This partnership will allow us to project Risk Intelligence data far beyond our own customer base, as part of a wider data ecosystem – allowing new users to make the most of our intelligence to inform their decisions. We believe that providing our rich hostile threat data through partner platforms is an important extension to our existing offer.”

“As NAVTOR’s new products come online in 2022 we’ll be making further joint announcements. The security risk data is a great strength of the Risk Intelligence System, and we look forward to new clients being able to access this information through new innovative solutions from NAVTOR.”

The Risk Intelligence System provides data on immediate, short-, and medium-term security risks for coastal area, ocean, port and landside threats. The analysis is focused on insurgency, piracy, organised crime, activism, terrorism, military conflicts, and any interplay between these variables.

The service identifies where serious events arise and presents an assessment of how great the threat is in each area, along with incident reports and alerts.

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