The Nippon Foundation partners with DeepStar on offshore decarbonisation programme

The Nippon Foundation has agreed a deal with offshore technology development consortium DeepStar to establish a joint research and development programme, with the firms to jointly work on promoting decarbonisation in the field of offshore oil and natural gas, with a focus on renewable energy.

The programme will have a budget of up to $10 million (approx. JP¥1.1 billion) through to 2026.

The companies’ latest agreement builds on an existing MoU from 2018, to expand their collaborative efforts by adding a greater focus on decarbonisation. Work will include support for research and development carried out with Japanese companies and global energy companies, with the Nippon Foundation supporting the activities of the Japanese participants and DeepStar providing its expertise and testing fields for offshore development.

The project will follow seven development themes: Geothermal energy generation; Wind power/ocean current power generation to supply offshore oil & gas production facilities; Cost reduction technology for flammable gas removal and re-injection; Oil spill drift forecast simulation using local ocean current monitoring by aerial drone; Hydrogen technologies; Safety tech and robotics; and Water treatment.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to conclude this new memorandum of understanding. The global movement toward decarbonisation has been accelerating day by day, and in offshore development I believe it is vital to promote new developments, such as reducing environmental impact,” said Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman, The Nippon Foundation.

“I suggest we become leaders in the future Japanese and the global offshore development market focusing on the environment by creating new innovations with DeepStar.”

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