Northeast Maritime Institute adds simulation to online training platform

The Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI) in Massachusetts, USA, has agreed a new partnership agreement to roll out a range of cloud-based simulation applications for global online students, to be delivered by Kongsberg Digital.

“Our graduates are regarded as some of the best-equipped and hardest working in the maritime industry and we are therefore proud that this partnership with Kongsberg Digital will enable us to further enhance our course programmes,” said Eric Dawicki, President and Chief Executive Officer at NMI.

“By adding advanced simulation, we will be able to equip our graduates with a combination of knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving, and confidence which is required to safely and efficiently operate, maintain and manage the vessels of today.”

NMI has an existing learning management system that already delivers a range of courses online, through its Northeast Maritime Online (NEMO°) training, examination, and certification portal. Kongsberg’s K-Sim Connect applications will be utilised as embedded parts of eLearning courses within the platform.

K-Sim Connect offers a simulation training library including engine management, cargo handling, Radar, ECDIS, and route planning, and is expected to soon be extended with further applications in the navigation training domain.

“Shipping is facing a significant competence and capacity gap in the years to come. Ships are becoming more complex to operate with new environmentally friendly types of fuel and more advanced instrumentation on board, and we see many experienced seafarers changing professions due to the ongoing pandemic. The need for training of crew in all vessel segments is therefore becoming increasingly important,” said Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital.

“The Northeast Maritime Institute (NMI) is well respected in the industry with its wide range of subscription-based e-learning courses, which have already helped thousands of seafarers develop and improve their skills. By adding K-Sim Connect simulation applications to NMI’s online course programmes, professional mariners will practice important work processes in ship handling in an engaging and realistic simulation universe.”

“This is both cost- and time-saving for ship operators and shipping companies, as the personnel do not necessarily have to travel to a training centre to improve their skills.”

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