Uni-Tankers rolls out Regs4ships for regulatory compliance management

Denmark-based Uni-Tankers is to use OneOcean’s Regs4ships regulatory database to manage fleet-wide compliance, the companies have announced.

The system will be used to assist crews on 17 Uni-Tanker vessels, as well as shoreside teams, to stay abreast of, and to comply with, regulatory safety and environmental requirements around the world.

Regs4ships will provide Uni-Tankers with access to all regulations pertaining to its fleet and to specific sailing routes, removing the need for the company to manually source and verify the required information.

Users can track how regulations have evolved over time, and when they and later amendments come into effect. Rules applying to vessels of different ages and types can also be highlighted.

“Navigating the complexity of rules and regulations that our fleet has to comply with has, in the past, been difficult and time consuming. By contrast, Regs4ships gives us a complete picture in no time at all, including an overview of upcoming amendments,” said Lars Sandsdalen, from Uni-Tankers’ HSEQ team.

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