ZEABORN Ship Management expands risk management data deal to vessel fleet

ZEABORN Ship Management has signed an agreement with Denmark-based Risk Intelligence to provide the entire managed ZEABORN fleet with access to the Risk Intelligence System, to improve risk management across the organisation.

The three-year, €190,000 deal is an expansion of an existing licence agreement covering access for ZEABORN’s shore-based staff and management to now include vessels and their crews.

“For ZEABORN it was important to give the right information and the right access to our front line,” said Michael Duque, Senior Vice President Marine Assurance & Loss Prevention, ZEABORN.

“Our Masters and CSOs being able to assess directly the most up to date, graphical and risk-based information from a trusted source, this empowers our people and increases security awareness. With Risk Intelligence we saw this potential becoming reality, but also the opportunity to strengthen a good relationship.”      

The Risk Intelligence System offers an overview of immediate, short-, and medium-term security risks for coastal areas, ocean, port, and landside threats. The analysis is focused on insurgency, piracy, organised crime, activism, terrorism, military conflicts, and any interplay between these variables.

The service identifies where serious events arise and presents an assessment of how great the threat is in each area, while at the same time providing situational awareness with incident reports and alerts.

“This is an important extension of our cooperation as it underlines the close relationship between our two companies, while it at the same time providing ZEABORN with a solution that increases security awareness across the entire fleet,” said Hans Tino Hansen, CEO of Risk Intelligence.

“I am also pleased on a personal level, as I have remained Account Manager for ZEABORN even if Risk Intelligence has been growing. Keeping a close dialogue with our clients is important to understand how their business develops and where their challenges are in the ever-changing shipping market.”

“Finally, adding significantly more users to an existing licence agreement impacts the agreement size, and this is in line with our strategy to further develop existing client licences.”

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