Navis launches Lashing Monitor to combat container loss at sea

Maritime software provider Navis has announced the launch of a new product, a Lashing Monitor used to proactively examine lash conditions that could potentially damage container vessels and their cargo, and to alert vessel crews to safety concerns at sea.

The new software can be combined with the existing Navis MACS3 loading computer to look at current lash forces based on the measured motion of the vessel. The tool provides a visual and audio alert when lash forces exceed the set limits and a warning if the current design or critical rolling angle of the vessel is exceeded.

In the event of severe weather, operational guidance gives the vessel crew decision-making assistance about course and speed in order to avoid a negative impact on the lashing and ensure the stability of the container stack.

“Gaining full control of your ship and cargo and maximising your ship’s seaworthiness is the key to keeping cargo safely on board while sailing in heavy weather conditions,” said Ajay Bharadwaj, Sr. Director of Product Management for Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions.

“It is our top priority to ensure our customers maintain full visibility and receive the necessary guidance to take proactive action in critical situations at sea. With Lashing Monitor, we are making sure that our customers’ cargo and crews safely make it to their end destination.”

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