APM Terminals Mumbai rolls-out new operating system

APM Terminals reports that it has successfully completed the implementation of the N4 Terminal Operating System (TOS) from Navis at its APMT Mumbai location, as it continues the process of standardising the software environment across its global network of terminals.

Also known as Gateway Terminals India (GTI), the Mumbai facility joins more than 30 other APMT sites using N4, allowing the terminal to provide a wider range of interactive tools to its customers while improving operational efficiency.

GTI Mumbai will now have the ability to share its data at the container level, via its API products, providing live information feeds to customers to support real-time decision making.

“The implementation of Navis N4 3.8 at GTI Mumbai was long overdue and a welcome milestone. The partnership between APM Terminals and Navis resulted in a virtually trouble-free implementation that will elevate our Mumbai terminal,” said Patrick Heilig, Head of Terminal Operations Systems at APMT.

“By adopting our standard TOS GTI will gain numerous long-term advantages. It enables the sharing of best practices for improved efficiency; a foundation for deploying Navis’ advanced modules such as PrimeRoute; the development of in-house expertise that understands our customers and our business; centralised monitoring and support; and faster, cost-effective global development of front-end applications for customers.”

N4 is being integrated within a global application monitoring system that is being rolled out across all of APMT’s locations, monitoring end-to-end performance by highlighting issues before they start to negatively impact operations.

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